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Jessica Schwarz / Kammerflimmern 2004 Germany

Feel the baby kicking



cool date idea:
1. come over to my place with your dog
2. leave your dog
3. go home

I would drive hours to see you, fill you with cum and then wake up to watch cartoons and make pancakes for us. Bacon or sausage?

Vegetarian, but you can put your meat elsewhere, ‘naw mean?😘


boyfriend: what’s for dinner?




Dave’s car is absolutely rowdy and super radical.

I want to _____ you.

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We mature with the damage, not with the years.
β€” Mateus William (via outonismo)
I've had this one fantasy lately where a girl is breastfeeding her daughter but the daughter is in her teens now and the mother is masturbating while I (the father) watch then later suck upon the other breast as well. Would like to know your thoughts on that scenario? is it too much?

Rule number one: nothing is too much. I get off to the dirtiest, most depraved stuff sometimes, so I’m probably the wrong person to ask.
I think it sounds fucking hot.